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Digitized Waei Gorin Shūsei

The Waei Gorin Shūsei was the first Japanese-English dictionary in Japan published in 1867, and was compiled by American missionary J.C. Hepburn. The Hepburn romanization system was employed as the transliteration method for this dictionary.
Regarded as a Japanese-English language dictionary without equal that included words from all social classes of Japan, this dictionary was widely used in Japan from the Bakumatsu to Meiji era, during which time it underwent three revisions and was also published abroad. It is held in high regard as a national dictionary that adeptly interprets the Japanese language, and its words and example sentences are still included in modern lexicons such as the Shinchō Gendai Kokugo Jiten. Through the power of digital technology, it is now possible to browse through this important dictionary online.