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Research notes for the third edition

Meiji Gakuin Library is in possession of old notes thought to be part of the research for the third edition.
Although one might call these notes, they are actually rebound books in five volumes, made from a third edition of the Waei Gorin Shūsei, with new notes among the original pages. With the back cover made out of magazine advertisements, it is guessed being made in Meiji Era'.

On the back cover, the words "Hepburn's Dictionary" are imprinted in capitals in gold leaf. The contents are for Part Two of the English-Japanese section: on the first volume is written "A-IKA," on the second volume "IKA-MIK," on the third volume "MIS-SHI," on the fourth volume "SHI-ZUN," and on the fifth volume "HEP-DICT." The notes are entered in the Japanese-English section, starting with a note on Page A "The Construction and Analysis of Japanese, from Hepburn's Dictionary," all written in pen. The script differs slightly from Hepburn's handwriting. The addition of notes lasts until Page 11, after which there is blank paper.

The reason for which these notes were made remains unclear, but they have been made available in the digital archives.